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Welcome to the International Vaurien Class


Maurizio Raffaelli,
Président du Comité International du Vaurien




Hi there,
Welcome to the Vaurien.


The International Vaurien Class has a long and prestigious history and has good chances to have a long and exiting future. Since the advent of a new sail plan in 2008 Vaurien boat started to draw new attention among sailors. In Europe it is sailed from Portugal to Poland and from the Netherlands to Italy, passing through Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


At our annual World Championship we usually challenge teams coming from South America and Africa where Vaurien has a renewed presence too.More shipyards have recently added to traditional ones and there is now a larger choice of producers to buy a Vaurien.

But the best feature of Vaurien is our community: we are at the same time brave sailors racing with forty knots (it happened at Sneek Worlds in 2015) and good party organizers (it always happens at any regatta); we have junior teams and super-master teams, racing together and enjoying our time together after racing; we are slim or sturdy, adult or teenagers, male or female.


The Vaurien is such a user-friendly boat that we all get great satisfaction and fun from sailing it. I think that designer Jean Jacques Herbulot had exactly this goal in conceiving Vaurien: a boat to develop passion for sailing, a boat to develop passion for people. And that was in 1951. He really had an insightful vision!


Vive le Vaurien!