Vaurien Class Rules

Vaurien Class Rules

The most recent version of the International Vaurien Class Rules is officially published on the class rules subsection of the ISAF website.

World Sailing plaque

Every Vaurien gets the blue World Sailing (formerly known as ISAF) plaque with its sail number during the initial measurement procedure. A boat may not leave the builder's facilities without it. The WS plaque shows that the boat has been measured and the building fee (and the designers royalties) has been payed. According to the Vaurien Class Rules, the WS plaque should be fixed to the starboard inside face of the transom. However, on some boats, it is fixed to the port side or to the starboard side of the main bulkhead (behind the spinnaker bag), which is also acceptable.

If your WS plaque is lost, damaged or illegible, a replacement can be aquired through IVCA or your National Vaurien Class Association. The costs are approx. 43 € plus postage. The replacement plaque will be sent to your National Vaurien Class Association, who will find a measurer to fix the replacement to your boat. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other documents

Measurement Form

Ver. 2012: MF_2012.pdf
Ver. 2011: MF_2011.pdf

Official Plans

Official Plans can be purchased from the IVCA.

Procedure to become licensed builder


Procedure for amateur builders