The boat

The Vaurien was designed by the French sailor and architect Jean-Jaques Herbulot and is a World Sailing International Class.


— Easy to sail, easy to handle —

 The Vaurien dinghy is stable on the water and can be sailed safely even by beginners. With a ready-to-sail weight of only about 95 kg, the Vaurien can be moved easlily on land and on the water.


— Always up-to-date —

 Over the years, the Vaurien has be updated to keep up with the state of the art. Today it features a modern square-head mainsail which may be made from Mylar or Dacron. The Vaurien accelerates quickly, even in low wind, but still can be sailed without problems in a breeze.


 —A dinghy for everybody —

The typical Vaurien sailor is hard to describe. You can find adults and kids, beginners and experts, youth teams, women teams and mixed teams. The oldest Vaurien sailors are in their seventies, the youngest unter 10. The optimum crew weight is between 100 and 150 kg and covers alomst all possible crews.The Vaurien is a dinghy for everybody.