Vaurien No. 1 has been found.

According to this report in the forum of ASV FRA, the original Vaurien No. 1 has been found!

As the story goes, a French Vaurien sailor more or less accidentaly stumled upon the hangar in the port of Caen, where he had heard “no 1” was supposed to be stored. He went on to investigate and found the boat stored inside the hangar, dry, but not very accesible. Still he managed to take a few pictures, which he shared.

Apparently, only the hull remains, and the boat has been used a lot and has seen many owners and locations.

> 1953 to 1955: Le Rose (Concarneau)
> 1955 to 1960: xx in Sable (d’Olonnes?)
> 1960 to 1966: yy in Rombas (Moselle)
> 1966 to 1980: Le Rose (Concarneau)
> 1980 to today: given to AMERAMI by Eugène Le Rose

But, it is still there after 68 years.

Vive le Vaurien!