World Championship schedule revised

In an CIV online-meeting on October 9, the World Championships for the future years after 2022 have been revised. As you all know, due to COVID-19 the Worlds in Le Havre France had to be cancelled twice. France than asked if the could have a replacement time slot for a World Championship in 2023, postponing all other championships by one year. Everybody who was impacted, especially Slovakia and Italy, approved this proposal. Therefore the new schedule for the upcoming Vaurien World Championships is as follows.

Future plans for the Vaurien World Championship

  Country Location DateStatus
 2022 Spain Vigo July 23 – July 30 confirmed
 2023 France Le Havre  confirmed
 2024 Slovakia   
 2025 Italy   
 2026 Uruguay   Task force established
 2027 Netherlands