Builders' Section

Vaurien boats may be built by licensed shipyards or by amateur builders as outlined in our rules. Please follow the procedures as stated below.

Licensed Builders

Licensed shipyards supply Vaurien hulls or complete boats built to our class rules and in proven quality. You can find an overview of the shipyards on the Suppliers Subpage.

Amateur Building

J.J. HERBULOT has re-examined the construction principle of the VAURIEN to make it easier for the amateur to build one boat at a time.

The hull is mounted on a set of four bulkheads which, together with the centreboard case, form a very robust structure. This structure is fitted with planks and decking. These bulkheads form the bulkheads of the buoyancy tanks, which make the hull very rigid… and safe to sail.

To finish the hull, the builder is advised (but not obliged) to use a strong glass laminate coated with PU or epoxy resin.


A Vaurien hull can be built by any careful amateur with basic woodworking experience. The minimum equipment required is that of a DIY handyman. 

To assemble the boat, you need a space that you can walk around in: 5 metres by 2.5 metres is a good size. The various components (bulkheads, centreboard case , stem, transom, etc.) can be cut out in a smaller room.


Full-size plans can be transferred directly to the plywood panels.


The VAURIEN Class Association will put you in touch with a local  specialist in amateur construction.

Amateur Building Produres

The official rules on how to proceed with your DIY Vaurien.

Construction Guide

The original construction guide of J.J. Herbulot.

Construction report from France

An extensive report on a plywood DIY Vaurien.

Vaurien 4711

An amateur construction report from Germany. In German but with a lot of pictures

Amteuer Building Procedures

How to receive construction plans ?

All documents are online, with the exception of plans by architect Jean-Jacques Herbulot, which will be provided in paper form.

The plans are distributed by AS Vaurien France. Please contact:

Mr. Patrice BOURDON

Price of materials is approx.

1.500 €

for a plywood hull.

It takes about

400 hours

to build a plywood Vaurien.

Additional Notes

Building a Vaurien requires a cautious approach; it is not for those who ‘rush headlong into it … and panic in the process! 

In general terms: – The price of 1.500 € is material price for a plywood hull. You can save a bit by going for cheaper materials, but you will pay for it on the long run. Get good marine-grade plywood and glue.

You will later have to add cost for fittings (starting from 200 €, depending on you choice), mast and boom (starting around 1.000 € for a new, but may be cheaper if you just buy tubes locally) and sails (from 900 € on for a new set, look for 2nd-hand sails to save money).

In the same way, before you start, you should study everything carefully, and work out all the problems “in your head”. This phase should last several days. It’s essential, because examining and understanding the documents requires a great deal of thought. That said, it’s exciting! The boat must be built in strict compliance with the measures recommended by the architect, otherwise it cannot be awarded the Vaurien label.

As far as registration is concerned, this is done at the end of construction, when you send us the measurements of your boat. We will get you in touch with a measurer to check the compliance with  our Class Rules. 

Registration is international.